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Saturday, 2 March 2019

12th Class English Long Question and Answer

 12th class all prose long question and answer

1. A marriage proposal   ⟶👉Click here👆👈 

2. Indian through a traveller's eyes  ⟶👉Click here👆👈

3. The earth  ⟶👉Click here👆👈

4. How free is the press  ⟶👉Click here👆👈

5. A child is born  ⟶👉Click here👆👈

6. The artist   ⟶👉Click here👆👈

7. Ideas that have helped mankind  ⟶👉Click here👆👈

8. I have a dream    ⟶👉Click here👆👈

9. A pinch of snuff   ⟶👉Click here👆👈

10. Bharat is my home ⟶👉Click here👆👈

11. Indian civilization and culture  ⟶👉Click here👆👈

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