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Saturday, 1 September 2018

The earth short question and answer

The earth short question and answer

Q.1. What did Johanson do on doctor's advice ?
Ans. Johnson engaged Benjy in keeping hen for poultry farming.

Q.2. What did Johnson does with the money from the eggs ?
Ans. Johnson opened an account in the bank and put the money in it.
  Q.3. What was the difference between benjy's hens and his parent's Land.
Ans. There was only one difference between Benjy's hens and his parents land. The hens belonged to Benjy, but the land had never belonged to his parents.

Q.4. Who is a tenant farmer ?
Ans. johnson is a tenant farmer.

Q.5. What did the doctor advise Benjy's parents to ensure his mental growth ?
Ans. The doctor had advised them that Benjy needed interest that would strenthen his mind. It would be good if they gave him something to do, some occupation which helps his development.

Q.6. What did Benjy understand about the business of hens ?
Ans. Benjy understood about the business of hens, that lay eggs and eggs could be sold to customers and the money from these eggs was put carefully, almost religiously. into a large white basin that stood on the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard.

Q.7. What silent belief did Benjy's parents cherish about their land.
Ans. 'A silent belief that the earth would one day outgrow its poverty' cherished Benjy's parents.

Q.8. Why had their land not yielded much ?
Ans. The earth had yielded low for them. The reason was not in earth but in their iddleness and backwardness.

Q.9. How did Benjy's parents feel when he silently put the passbook in his pocket ?
 Ans. They did not hope and did not mean that Benjy should give it back to them, but there was something about the silent, simple finality of his putting the pass-book into his pocket that struck them like a blow in the face.

Q.10. What did Benjy want to do with money ?
Ans. Benfy wanted to buy a piece of land and creating more houses for more hens and then selling more eggs and making more money.

Q.11. What information did sanders give them that made them happy ?
Ans. Sanders who had rented his four acre land to Mr.johnson gave him the information that his son would buy that land from sanders. This information made Johnson and his wife happy.

Q.12. Who was florence ?
Ans. Florence, was a girl, working in Benjy's chicken house and got married with Benjy afterwards.

Q.13. Why did Benjy want to marry Florence ?
Ans. Benjy did not need a distinguished, Intelligent girl. He needed a woman to help him in his work of popultry farming. So he decided to marry Florence.


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