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Sunday, 2 September 2018

The earth long question and answer

The earth long question and answer

Q.1. Did Benjy treat his parents justly ? what would you do if you were Benjy ?
Ans. No, Benjy was quite unjustified in maintaining his relation with his parents. His behaviour towards his parents was most objectionable and far from the humanitarian point of view. His parents had done everything for him, for his happiness and to build his career.They had deposited two hundred thirty pound in the bank in benjt's name and handed over the passbook to him when he became twenty one years old. But in reply to their such affection for him, he illtreated them. One day he told them to leave his house and go somewhere else. He drove them in his car to some place at a long distance and told them to get out of the car in a loud voice. He forcibly got them down on the road. 
                                            If  I would have been in Benjy's place, would not illtreated them as Benjy had done. I would have done my duty, a son is expected to do with his parents, taking all possible care with utmost devotion.

Q.2. "Looks are deceptive". How does this apply to Benjy ?
Ans. It is a fact that the facial appearance or looks of a man do not say exactly what is in his mind. It is not necessary that a man having a simple, innocent look, would be a simple man with plain and tender feelings. He may be proved a cruel and fraud in behavour. Benjy possess the same trait, with a simple innocent look and cruel, rude and inhuman action. His dealings and behaviour with his parents was most undesirable and against humanity. At last he flatly told his parents to shift from the house and one day drove them in his small ford van. The car stopped near a street. Benjy mercilessy instructed them to get down from the car on the pavement leaving them in disgust. Benjy looked at them with unmoved simple eyes and drove his car. 
                                                      Benjy's simple look was in "Simplest terms", the "cruel simplicity" of a child. So, it is true that "looks are deceptive".

Q.3. What is the role of Florence in this story ? How did she affect Benjy's life ?
Ans. Florence who had joined Benjy's poultry farm, as an employee, for the first time came in acquaintance with Johnson's family. She was not good to look at with her unattractive figure. She was not gentle by nature. With her entry in Johnson's family by becoming the wife of his son, Benjy, she started to create friction among them.
               when she joined Benjy's poultry-farm, the atmosphere of ill-feeling development between Benjy and his parents. After marriage, the house bacame divided in actuality.
                                                                       In this way Florence (Benjy's wife) brought the most ugly, shameful and bitter situaion as hereunder.
(i) Benjy flatly said to his parents, to shift from the room they were living with to a small room.
(ii) He further told them to seperate their kitchen.
(iii) And finlly after some time he, in a very strong words instructed them to leave that house. 
(iv) Not only this much, he personally drove his parents at a long distance and got them down on the pavement of a street. As such Florence brought a great change in Benjy's life which resulted in break up and destruction of his family.

Q.4. How is a 'simple minded man' defined in the story ? Do you agree with this definition ?

Ans. The author has very well thrown light on the human psychology and natural love and affection of parents to their son, in this story. Song and daughters are always treated by their parents-- innocent, simple and also beautiful, intelligent and wise in the eyes of their parents. Parents do not find any shortcoming and drawbacks in their children.
                           Here in this story johnson and his wife had a deep affection for their only son. Like other parents. Johnson and his wife loved their son and found nothing objectionable in his beheaviour with them. They thought of their son simple minded and mentally underdeveloped, for which they consulted a physian and acted on his advise. Even in adverse and unrully behaviour of their son they found in him "a simple minded man" His wild and objectionable attitude was ignored by them. A time came when he turned them out from his house. He drove them in his car and got down at a long distance on the road.
                                      I am of the opinion that none should blindly rely on a wrong act and must go through the reality. We should not be guided by our sentiment but by fact. So I do not agree with this definition.

Q.5. Sketch the charactor of johnson.
Ans. Johnson was a simple farmer. He was religious minded too. He had a small family consisting of his wife and the only son Benjy. His son was mentally lagging behind according to his age. Johanson was based on about four acres of his cultivated land which he had taken on lease for thirty years from Mr. Sayers. He remained worried for his son Benjy's career. because of his underdevelopd mental set up. On the advice of a doctor he engaged his son in poultry farm business. He personally had the plough, the cart, a bony brown mare to cultivate his land. He had a very nice art of talking and placing the fact truely and beautifully. For pretty long time Johnson had been a local preacher. Finding time from his cultivation he used to address assembly of worshipper on sundays. The only drawback in him was that he was not attentive towards his cultivation. 
            He was a man of high moral and principle. On the adverse, wild and unruly behaviour of his son, many times, he did not lose his patience and treated him as a simple minded man.
                                                            On the whole, he was a good soul and simple God fearing and gentle.

Q.6. Sketch the character of Benjy.
Ans. Benjy was the only son of johnson who was a farmer and a preacher. Mentally, he was weak. He was not so much mentally sould like other child of the same age. His father on doctor's advice engaged him in poultry farm business. In due course he bacame perfactly successful and earned a lot out of his profession and became rich. Then he bought plenty of land and houses. Against the will of his parents he got himself  married with a shrewd and quarellsome woman. He was not good at heart and on the instigation of his remained discourteous and wild to his parents. His parents were always anxious for his welfare and progress. He was just reverse in his dealings with them. He was rude, wild, unruly, uncivilized and what not.
                                  A time came when he ousted his parents. He drove them into his car for a distant place and got them down on the pavement of the road. Such persons are worst than a beast. 


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