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Thursday, 6 September 2018

A marriage proposal short question and answer

A marriage proposal short question and answer

Q.1. why does Lomov come to Choobookov's house ?
Ans. Lomov has come to Choobookov proposing his marriage with Natalia.

Q.2. What is Lomov's nature ?
Ans. Lomov is a man of nervous temperament and loses his temper even in petty issues.

Q.3. What is Choobookov's reaction on the marriage proposal by Lomov ?
Ans. Choobookov becomes highly pleased to know Lomov's offer of marrying Natalia.

Q.4. How Natalia has felt to know Lomov's decision marry her ?
Ans. Natalia becomes pleased and repents on her behaviour with Lomov.   

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