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Thursday, 6 September 2018

A marriage proposal long question and answer

A marriage proposal long question and answer

Q.1. On the basis of your reading of scene I, do think that Lomov and Choobookov are cordial neighbours ?
Ans. On the basis of reading of scene I, I think that Lomov and Choobookov are cordial neighbours for a long time. Since the childhood of Lomov, Lomov has had honour of knowing Natalia's family. His late aunt and her husband, whose estate belongs to the Lomov always held her father and her late mother in utmost esteem. The Lomov family and the Choobookov family have always maintained extremely friendly relations. The borders of Lomov's property was close to Natalia's property and his Ox-meadows was close to Natalia's birch forest.

Q.2. Are Lomov and Natalia realy interested in laying claim to Ox-meadows ?
Ans. Lomov and Natalia are really interested in laying claim that the Ox-meadows belongs to them. Lomov's version was that Ox-meadows was his ancestral property and his late aunt's grandmother lent to Natalia's great-grandfather for farming free of charge for forty years. Natalia was staking her claim by denying his arguments and claim.

Q.3. Do you think that natalia was also interested in marrying Lomov ? what makes you think so ?
Ans. Yes, i think that Natalia was also interested in marrying Lomov because when the discussion about the Ox-meadows was ended with a lot heated discussion and Lomov had returned back. Thenafter Natalia could know through Choobookov that Lomov had come there, with his marriage proposal with Natalia. On hearing this news she became sad because she was also interested in marrying Lomov. I think so, on the basis of Natalia's father to call him back immediately.

Q.4. Do you think the title of the drama is sutitable ? Give reasons in support of your views. Suggest a different title for the drama ?
Ans.  The Title of the drama "A Marriage Proposal" is most suitable because the dramma starts eith the proposal of marriage and also ends with the acceptance of the proposal. The drama revolves around the proposal of marriage. The matter took an ugly turn resulting in the exchange of hot words and abusing language in the middle of the scene. But at the end everything becomes normal and cordial. The mariage between Lomov and Natalia was solemnised at the end. Thus the title itself is most meaningful. Another suitable title in my opision may be "The meeting of two hearts."

Q.5. 'Natalia and Lomov would be an ideal couple'. Do you agree ? Give reasons.
Ans. Ofcourse natalia and Lomov happened to be a suitable match, which deep love for one anothers. Both of them were close neighbours. Choobookov, Natalia's father was also keen to get them married. It clearly reflects from his conversation, when Lomov arrived at his residence. He was so pleased with the presence of Lomov that he immediately expressed his  sentiments as hereunder, "Please have your seat....Now, really it's not very nice of you to neglect your neighbours, my dear boy."
                      Keeping in view the aforesaid fact, I am entirely agree to his. This would be an ideal couple in my firm determination in the matter. their deep love and emotions for each other is the best example.        

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