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Thursday, 23 August 2018

The artist short question and answer

The artist short question and answer

 Q.1. What was Seibei doing ?
Ans. Seibei was studying in a primary school.

Q.2. From where Seibei did get gourd ?
Ans. Seibei got it from the market.

Q.3. What did he (Seibei) do with the gourd ?
Ans. He (Seibei) used to treat the gourd and preserving it for collection.

Q.4. What opinion did the teacher form of Seibei's hobby ?
Ans. The teacher became infuriated with anger on seibei's such hobby.

Q.5. Where did Seibei live ?
Ans. Seibei lived in a harbour town.

Q.6. Which type of gourd did Seibei like ?
Ans. Seibei liked round and symmetrical gourd.

Q.7. Why did the conversation of his father and his friends make Seibei laugh in wardly ?
Ans. The conversation of his father and his friend made Seibei laugh inwardly because his father commented on baking gourd that they had at the agricultural show last spring. The baking gourd had made quite a stir at the time, but when he 9Seibei) had gone to see it he had found it rather a stupid looking object and had walked out of the show.

Q.8. Why did Seibei's father shout at him ?
Ans. Seibei's father and his friend were taking about baken gourd, They had seen in the agricultural show held in the last sping, which according to him was most beautiful. But seibei found it stupid-looking, when he had gone in that show, as such he had walked out of it (the show). So he said that he didn't think so much of it, because it was just an awkard thing. Seibei's interruption made his father angry. So he shouted at him.

Q.9. Why did Seibei wander about the town ?
Ans. It was Seibei's hobby to wander about the town almost daily looking for gourds. He was deeply interested in buying and collecting it from the market and arrange it on the walls of his house.

Q.10. What made Seibei's heart beat faster ?
Ans. When Seibei was examining the gourds, suddenly he caught sight of one which was about five inches long. Something about it made Seibei's heart beat faster.

Q.11. Which is called effeminate pastime in the story ?
Ans. The teacher came from another part of Japan and found it most offensive that children should indulge in such womanish pastimes as collecting gourds. As such it is called effeminate pastime in the story.

Q.12. How did Seibei's father react to the teacher's complaint ?
Ans. Seibei's father reacted to the teacher's complaint when he knew Sibei's fault which was reported by Seibei's teacher. He became angry at this matter. As soon as he heard, he grabbed his son by the collar and gave him a sound beating. He chided his son that he would never get anywhere in the world, the way he is carrying on.

Q.13. How much did the curio-dealer pay for the confiscated gourd ? 
Ans. The curio-dealer paid fifty yen for the confiscated gourd.

Q.14. What did Seibei do after he was forced to give up collecting gourds ?

Ans. The father of Seibei fetched his hammer and systematically smashed the gourds to pieces, one after the other. It brought a change in his hobby. Seibei is now engrossed in his pictures.                         

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