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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Ideas that have helped mankind short question

Ideas that have helped mankind short question and answer

Q.1. Which ideas have helped mankind ?
Ans. The ideas which have helped Mankind is numbers.

Q.2. What have we learnt from civilization ?
Ans. We have learned from civilization to be friendly towards others.

  Q.3. Who has written, 'Ideas that have helped mankind" ?
Ans. bertrand A.W. Russell has written the essay. 'Ideas that have helped mankind".

Q.4. What is our attitude within the herd ?
Ans. We are more friendly to each other than many species of animals, within the herd.

Q.5. Has civilization taught us to be more friendly towards one another ?
Ans. Yes, civilization has taught us to be more friendly towards one another. Birds do not treat, Their elder as human beings does to their elders providing old age pension.

Q.6. What is our attitude towards those 'out-side our herd'?
Ans. Our attitude towards those outside our herd, in spite of all that has been done by moralists and religious teachers, our emotions are as ferocious as those of any animal, and our intelligence enables us to give them a scope which is denied to even the most savage beast.

Q.7. What are the two broad categories of ideas that have helped mankind ?
Ans. Two broad categories of ideas that have helped mankind are those that contribute to knowledge and technique, and those that are concerned with moral and politics.

Q.8. Did language play a role in human development ?
Ans. Yes, language played a prominant role in human development. At what stage language began is not known, but we may be pretty certain that it began very gradually to generation the inventions and discoveries that were gradually made.

Q.9. How many languages do you know apart from your mothc; tongue ? has it helped you in any way ?

Ans. I known some other languages apart from my mother language such as: English, Sanskrit, Urdu etc. Yes. It has helped me in many ways such as to contact another person who doesnot know our mother tongue. Then we use English to express to express our frrlings. English is widely spoken all over the world.               


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