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Thursday, 23 August 2018

Ideas that have helped mankind long question

Ideas that have helped mankind long question and answer

Q.1. How are human being different from animals ? Explain.
Ans. Human beings are different from animals in such a manner that there are 21 (twenty one ) as his intellectual and moral qualities that separate the human beings from animals. It is obvious that we know more than animals do, and it is common to consider. It is one of our advantages. Animals can not think like human being, because of that human beings have extra-ordinary thinking power. He has highly sensitive power. The human beings are one of the most development and advanced creature of this world, So human beings are different from animals.

Q.2. How has the civilization helped us ? Discuss.
Ans. The civilization has helped us in such way that in ancient time we were just like animals.we hadn't the knowledge of way of life. We were not more advanced like today. The civilization has taught us to be more friendly towards one another. The civilization has made us development. Within the herd we are more friendly to each other than many species of animals, but done by moralists and religious teachers, our emotions are as ferocious as those of any animal, and our intelligence enables us to give them a scope which is denied to even the most savage-beast.

Q.3. Is it important for us to be civilized ? Give examples of the civilized behaviour that you practise in your everyday life.
Ans. Yes, it is important for us to be civilized. Civilization is defined as the way of life is called civilization. We wear neat and clean clothes that is civilization. Daily we greet everyone and say, thank you, please. This shows us as a civilized person. If we wear neat and clean clothes and talk with manners than we are known as a respected person and honoured by all. If haven't, these types of qualities we are ignored by all. So it is important for us to be civilized.

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