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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Bharat is my home short question and answer

* Short answer type Question with answer

Q.1. ON what occasion Dr.Zakir Hussain expressed his view through his address,"India is my Home" ?
Ans. Dr. zakir Hussain expressed this view after taking oath as president of India.

Q.2. What does he expres in his speech he delivered after taking oath of the president of india ? 
Ans. He pledges himself to the loyalty of our past culture.

Q.3. What is the idea of Dr. Zakir Hussain about  education ?
Ans. In Dr. Hussain's opinion about the education is that it a prime instrument of national purpose.

Q.4. What did Dr. Rahakrishnan bring to the presidency ?
Ans. Dr. Radhakrishnan brought to the presidency a mental equipment,a degree of learning and wealth of experience rarely to be found anywhere.

 Q.5. What oath did Dr.Zakir Hussain take of ?
Ans. Dr. Zakir Hussain took the oath as president.

Q.6. What is the business of education ?
Ans. The business of  education should be the growth of national culture and national character.

Q.7. What did Dr. Zakir Hussain pledge himself to ?
Ans. Dr. Zakir Hussain pledged himself to the loyalty of our past culture. He pledged himself to the service of totality to our country's culture. He pledged his loyalty to his country irrespective of religion or language. The whole Bharat is his home. So, he pledged to work for the welfare of the people of the country.

 Q.8. What does 'work on one's self' mean? What is its end product ? 
Ans. 'Work on one's self' means work for individual. The work on self is to follow the urge towards moral development as a free person and under self-imposed discipline. Its end-product is a free moral personality. We should not ignore our end-product.

Q.9.  What shall we dedicate ourselves to ?
Ans. We shall dedicate ourselves to work for the peace of the strong nation. According to Mahatma Gandhi power should be used only for moral purposes.

Q.10. When was Dr. Zakir Husain born ? 
Ans. Dr. Zakir Husain was born in 1897.

Q.11. How long did Dr. Zakir  Husain live ?
Ans. Dr. Zakir Husain lived for 72years. He was born in 1897 and died in 1969.

Q.12. On what occasion did Dr. Zakir Husain deliver this speech ?
Ans. Dr. Zakir Husain delivered this speech in 1967 after taking the oath as president of India.

Q.13. Why does Dr. Zakir Husain call India "the young State of an ancient people" ?
Ans. Dr. Zakir Husain called India "The young state of an ancient people". It is so because our dead static. It as alive and dynamic. Our ancient culture is alive and we can make our future on the basis of our ancient people's blessings.         


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