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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Bharat is my home long questions and answer

Bharat is my home long question and answer

Q.1. 'This work,as I see it, has two aspects'. What are the two aspects of works? Explain in your own words.
Ans. The two aspects of work are - (i) individual works and (ii) social works. According to the author Individual work means work on one's self. This type of work is to follow the urge towards moral development as a free person and under self-imposed descipline. Its end-product is a free moral personality. On the other hand, the social work is work for society around. The individual can not grow in full perfection  without social help. so, We should get ourselves whole-heartedly engaged in two aspects of work.

Q.2. What did Dr. Zakir Husain say about material and cultural life, individual and social development, giving a special flavour to India ?
Ans. Dr. Zakir Husain in his speech, has said about material and cultural life, individual and social development in india.
Material and cultural life : Regarding meterial life of our people, the author says that we should work more and more, our work should be silent, sincere, solid and steady. Regarding our cultural life the author is sincere. He says that our culture is alive and dynamic. our past culture is inherited by our ancient sages right from Aadipurush, Mannu to St. Tulsidas. It is still alive and progressing day by day.
Individual and social developmet :  Regarding individual and social development, Dr. Zakir Husain, says that both individual and social development of our country are co-related to each other. For individual development there are two types of work. One work for personal benefit both financial and moral. But for these two types of personal gains one must go to the society. The author says that the individual can not grow in full perfection without social help.

 Q.3. 'Power should be used only for moral purposes' Explain.
Ans. Power plays a dominant role in human society, power of a man power of society and power of state are the main kinds of power. According  to mahatma Gandhi power should be used only for moral purposes. If a strong man is engaged in work, there is peace. Regarding state power the author says that the state to us will not be just an organisation of power but a moral organisation. So, moral purpose of power is essential for all round development of the society.

Q.4. 'The past is not dead and static'. How does Dr. Zakir Husain emphasises the significance of past ?
Ans. According to Dr. Zakir Husain there is a great significance of our past history. to him, we should pledge our loyalty to our past culture. We should not mind from where our past culture came and who broght the culture The important thing is that our past glory is of great value. Our past glory and culture is the base on which the growth of our national culture and national character depends. So the author is right to say that our past history is not dead and static. It is still alive and dynamic. Our prospect of future depends on the importance of past.

Q.5. What does Zakir Husain exhort us to do to build the new life of the nation ?
Ans. The author in his speech has tried his best to advise us to labour hard to build the new life of the nation. To him, our family of the nation is big. We are continuosly growing very fast. We shall have to participate in building its new life. He advises the people of India not to sit idle. Our work for nation is hard, But we should not be discouraged. He says that the situation of the country demands from us to work, work and work more, silent and sincere work. soild and steady reconstrucation of the whole material and culture life of our people.

Q.6. In what context does Dr. Zakir Husain say 'Bharat is my home'. 
Ans. In his presidential speech Dr. Zakir Husain expresses his national feeling. He loves his nation. He says that he is devoted to the loyalty of our past culture. He also promises to work for the development of our ancient culture. He pledges himself to work for the strength of the nation and its progress and pledges himself to work for the strenght of the nation and its progress and for the welfare of its people without distintions of caste, Colour and creed. He says that 'The wholeof Bharat is my home and its People are my family". He is pround of being a citizen of Bharat. He says that it is the greatness of the people that they have chosen him to make him the head of this family. He pledges to make his home 'Bharat' Strong and beautiful. He would make the life of the people prosperous and graceful. Here, a strong feeling of nationality  of the author is clearly expressed. Zakir Husain was a great nationalist.          

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