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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

A pinch of snuff short question and answer

A pinch of snuff short question and answer

Q.1. The news that made the mother happy disturbed her son, Why were their responses so different ?
Ans. Their responses were so different because mother had always been very loyal to her maternal (mother's) family and moreover Nanukaka was her brother. So his arrival made mother delighted but her son on the other hand was sad with mixed feeling apprehending nanukaka's stay at his home for a longer period.

Q.2. Do you have a simlar experience ? Has your response to the news of the arrival of any guest has ever been different from that of the members of the family ?
Ans. No, I have not any such experience. My family members and my-self feel pleasure to know the arrival of any guest at my house. I do not differ to my family members at all. 

Q.3. 'Had to travel second on third class ticket ? But it was all arranged quite amicable. What arrangement "Nanukaka is referring to ? How can such arrangement be amicable ?"
Ans. Nanukaka had travelled in second class on a third class ticket as he had amicably arranged it with the ticket checker, who had accomodated him.

Q.4. The Under-Secreatary always obeyed nanukaka, although he was never willing to do so, Why ?
Ans. The under-secretary always obeyed Nanukaka because nanukaka Was guest and his mother's brother although he was not willing to do so.

 Q.5. "This tie-and-collar business is no good these days". What did nanukaka mean to say ?"
Ans. In these lines Nanukaka had narrated the importance of our traditional dress, such as close collar, jodhpur coat and turban, While meeting a minister or other VIPs. The western dress like "Tie and Collar" was not fit for the purpose, according to him.

    Q.6. How did the Under-Secretary change his appearance to accompany Nanukaka ?
Ans. The under secretary changed his appearance by putting on jodhpur Coat on his body and an orange turban over his head.

Q.7. Who is a Zaminder ? Do you know any Zaminder in your locality ? What do the people in your locality think about him ?
 Ans. A man possessing vast land in his name is called Zaminder. There were zaminders in  the past. They were rich persons. They were the rulers of some villages and towns. People were not happy with their inhuman acts. Now after Zamindari abolition Act passed by the Government, Zamindars are no longer in existence.
I do not know any Zaminder. (ex- Zaminder) as thereis none in my locality. People in my locality has very bad idea (opinion) about them.

Q.8. How did nanukaka impress Sohanlal Ratiram ?
Ans. Nanukaka started describing about his VIP status in a very loud voice so that Sohanlal could hear. He firstly talked about foreign tours and his.

Q.9. What important information did he collect at Ratiram's place ?
Ans. Another information received was that Ratiram will not give tickets to minister next time.     

Q.10. what new role did Nanukaka give the Under-Secretary to play ? 
Ans. This time he made the under secretary play a role of the driver of the car, in which he went to the minister's office. The under secretary was dressed as a liveried chauffer.

Q.11. How did he manage to impress, the Sikka Auto dealers ?

Ans. He managed to impress Sikka Auto dealers by the demonstration of his wealth. He made a plan with the Dhobi. According to this plan, When he went to sikka Auto dealers, the Dhobi came with an old coat of Nanukaka in his hand showed him the cheque saying that he left a cheque of Rs. 1000 in his coat. It was a part of his plan. The manager was impressed with his status, Nanukaka managed to show him.

Q.12. What did he do at minister's residence ?
Ans. with an idea to produce (present) his image of a big zamindar and highly rich person of high repute Nanukaka did the following at minister's residence -
(i) Firstly he managed a luxury car for his visit to minister's residence. 
(ii) The writer sat on the chauffer's (driver) seat in a white jodhpur coat and the orange turban.
(iii) Nanukaka sat on the back in a royal dress, looking like a hereditary pandit (astrologer) and drove to the ministers residence.
(iv) At minister's residence he asked to the minister's secretary the visiter's book as he had not time due to some other urgent appointment and that too he did not like to disturb the minister.
(v) Nanukaka wrote his name, the writer's (undersecretary) Delhi address as his own and added in his introductory note," Hereditary Astrolonger to the Maharaja of Ninnore". Thus he left a deep impression on them of his personality.
(vi) Without speaking anything more and directing the writer to take him to "Maharaja Sutkatta's Palace". And the car immediately left the place. 
                 He was warmly saluted by the secretary and orderly while leaving minister's house.

Q.13. He did he impress the minister ?
Ans. He came in an outlandish car with a uniformed chauffer. Secondly he dressed himself like a hereditary pundit from princely state. While visiting minister's residence and then after getting into the car he shouted loudly to take him to a maharaja's palace to show he had contavts with many aristocrates. Lastly he wrote his name in the visitors book as the Hereditary Astrologer to the Maharaja of Ninnore. This is what he did to impress the minister.

Q.14. 'Is the under-secretary impressed with Nanukaka at any point ? when and why ? Find out the evidence from the story.
Ans. Yes, finally, he was impressed with Nanukaka after he had used his wit to accomplish his mission. He was impressed with Nanukaka after he had used his wit to accomplish his mission. He was impressed with Nanukaka for the way he used his brain and finally had a meeting with the minister. The evidence which proves Nanukaka's dealing with the minister impressed the under secretary deeply for his presence of mind. In the last, he says that if minister comes to know about the reality. he is sure that Nanukaka will deal with the situation without allowing a single fold of his angocha to fall of place.             

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