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Saturday, 18 August 2018

A pinch of snuff long question and answer

A pinch of snuff long question and answer

Q.1. Nanukaka tells lots of lies. Why does he do so ? Does he succeed in his pursuit ?
Ans. Nanukaka tells lots of lies to have a meeting with the welfare minister. Nanukaka makes many false statements because if he had not done so, he could not have met the minister in two-three days. He would have to wait for months to get an appointment for his meeting with the minister. yes, Nanukaka was successful in his pursuit of meeting the minister. He did not only manage the meeting with minister in his own sweetwill but with his brain, he met minister in only two days.

Q.2. What impression does nanukaka make on you ? Do you like him ? Attempt a character sketch of Nanukaka ? 
Ans. Nanukaka makes impression of a clever, witted and sensible man on me who knows very well how to be successful in his pursuit. He doesn't hesitate to speak lies in the matter of his work. No I do not like him. Nanukaka is quick witted, clever man who does not hesitate in telling a lie to gain his goal. it is a bad thing. He is cunning and knows how to use situations to his profit. He has the ability of deceiving people easily and he can do and speak anything to complete his mission and work. He is a funny man.

Q.3. Suppose you have Nanukaka as your uncle. How would you behave with him ? Explain in detail.
Ans. If nanukaka has been my uncle, I would behave very nicely with him because he is my uncle, my mother's brother. I would take part in his affairs and help him possibly as much as I could. I would share my thoughts with him and would take interest in his tals. I would respond nicely to him and would like to be a part of his adventurous comedy. I would respect him and follow whatever he says, wholeheartedly. I would never show my disregard and do the most to help him out. I would show my affection to him and make him feel what can I do being my uncle. i would show him that i loved him very much and do for him and proud to have him as my uncle.

Q.4. nanukaka made a big promise to sohanlal ratiram. Did he ever fulfil his promise ?
Ans. nanukaka promised Sohanlal to talk about son's promotion with the ambassador Hazrat Barkat Ali. Sohanlal said that some body had poisoned the mind of the ambassador about his son and he would be obliged if Nanukaka would persuade the ambassador for his son as nanukaka told that he was a schoolmate of the ambassador Hazrat Barkat Ali and was on very good terms with him. No, Nanukaka never fulfilled his promise. and even if he had wanted to, he could not because he had fabricated a false story to Sohan Lal. He didnot know the ambassador at all, Then how could he write to him.

Q.5. Can a person like Nanukaka be more successful in the present society ? Give reasons.
Ans. yes, a persons like nanukaka will be more successful in the present society because now would is changed. People who are well behaved, simple, pious and morally high are taken to be foolish. They always have to suffer because of their goodness but on the other hand, people who are clever, cunning, crafty are thought to be wise, efficient and humane. people who speak lies, are really mean and selfish. Though, they manage to do their work easily. Nanukaka happens to be the person of the same category of mean and crafty people. It is quite evident from his manners of conducting the issues and managing the things through all possible wroung acts to achieve his mission and he was able to succeed in fulfilling his own selfish end. In the present society deceitful and deceptive people are given more respect than the truthful ad good people. Secondly, clever people outwit every body and Nanukaka happens to represent such persons (of the same colour and nature). He easily-outwitted the minister and Sohanlal.

Q.6. "I wonder what is going to happen when the minister discovers that my uncle has never been within hundred miles of a place called. Ninnore ...... Only when it happens I want to be somewhere for out of range." What light does it throw on the motive of the writer in the story ? Does he want to glorify manipulation ? Warn us of the consequences which its discovery leads to ? Expose the reality we are living in ? 
Ans. The writer reveals the reality of the modern society while expressing his feelings in the following lines :
"I wonder what is going to happen when the Minister discovers that my uncle has never been within hundred miles of a place called Ninnore.....only when it happens, I want to be some where far out of range." His bitter exposer of the fact is well reflected here.
The writer becomes surprised to see nannukaka's ability in deceiving people by manipulation. He is ighly influenced with the way nanukaka has dealt with and managed to meet the Minister in fradulant way.
But his (writer) motive is not to glorify nanukaka's undesirable and nefarious acts, rather he deslikes his behaviour and unfair practices. 
His very intention is to dislose the afairs of the modern society and warn people to become careful against such activities.
He also delivers the message through this story that cunning and crafty people like Nanukaka become successful in their wrong and immoral acts befoolding others for their own selfish motives. Simple, pious and morally high persons have suffer much because of their goodness and they are cheated b the falsehood of people like nanukaka. 
Thus the writer reveals the reality of the modern society and warns the people to refrain themselves from the corrupt and crafty persons. It very-well reflects in the lines as stated above.

Q.7. 'What is 'linguistic emergency' Do we all face it / how does it affect our speech ?
Ans. Linguistic emergency is that type of situation in which a person always turns to his mother tongue. Yes we all face it. It affects our speech in unhealthy manner in which when a person feels annoyed and agitated, he becomes restless. He uses expletives preferably in his mother tongue to express his frustration.

Q.8. Discuss the significance of the title ? How is it related to the them of the story ?
Ans. The significane of the title is that it makes the story more interesting and adventurous. It attracts the reader's attention towards itself and makes the story's look creative. It brings quality, relish and interest in the story and gives flavour to it. Here the title 'A pinch of Snuff' draws us towards it and invites us to read the story. Firstly, 'A pinch of snuff' is related to the theme of story because the story has comedy, adventure and 'A pinch of Snuff' makes us think of something little just as example, little comedy, little adventure and a little fun. 'A pinch of Snuff, means little, snuff. It can be taken to be the mixture of comedy, fun and adventure. Secondly, whole story revolves around Nanukaka who is a rural person. The phrase "A pinch of Snuff"  represents the special feature and habitual practice of the main character of the story. Nanukaka used to have snuff at short intervals, which signify the title and is closely related with the them of the story.




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