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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

A child is born short question and answer

A child is born short question and answer

Q.1. who are the ways of managing child-birth in traditional societies useful ?
Ans. The ways of managing childbirth in traditional societies are many and varied. Their usefulness is found in the branches (Off-shoots) of a family and it may be observed. It is so because from the fact that they are accepted culturally and collectively. It makes the mother free from mental burden of reinventing the procedures.

Q.2. A pregnant woman in a traditional society does not feel that she is alone. Why ?
Ans. It is so because the mother does not have the psychic burden of reinventing the procedures. Even thoudh the potential catastrophes are alive in the memory of her community and the index of anxiety high. A ritual approach to pregnancy which hems the pregnent women about with taboos and prohibitions help make the anxiety manageable. In a traditional society, reinventing the procedures.

Q.3. What is the superstition associated with acquiring new clothes and instruments for baby before the birth ?
Ans. The pregnant woman observe the old diehard superstition that acquiring equipment and apparel (new clothes) for baby before the birth was bad luck and so one of my godchildren shot into the world without crib or napkins.

Q.4. What is the "truism of anthropologies"  that the writer talks about ?
Ans. The tendency of those women who still live within a female society, is to withrar into silent opposition when participating in international fora conducted in languages which they cannot speak with fluency.

Q.5. Why had Sudanese woman officials stopped going to international conferences ?
Ans. Sudanese woman officials stopped going to international conferences, because they were tired of being told about their own lives instead of being consulted.

Q.6. Where do Sylheti women go to stay during the last stage of pregnancy ?
Ans. She goes to her mother's house for the last few months of her pregnancy and about the first three months of the baby's life.

Q.7. What is the reward of pregnancy for a young sylheti women ?
Ans. All the time she is looked after. the whole  matter of pregnancy is one of celebration. When the baby is born it is an occasion of joy for the whole family. The naming ceremony is lovely. It is held when the boy is seven days old. As such the reward of pregnancy for a young syltheti woman is that the woman gets to go home to visit her mother and sister.

Q.8. How are children of the joint family in Bangladesh looked after ?
Ans. In Bangladesh children under the age of five or six are looked after by the whole family. All the children of the Joint Family are looked after together. They are taken to the pond for a bath perhaps by one daughter-in-law, and she bathes them all. Then they all come in and sit down to eat.

Q.9. What is the immediate impact of poverty in medical field ?
Ans. Most of the poor patients have not got the expensive drugs, sparkling equipments and lots of electricity, Most of which they not got in sufficient quantity, though the allopathic doctors are dependent upon these things.              

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