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Thursday, 30 August 2018

A child is born long question and answer

A child is born long question and answer

Q.1. What is the role of rituals in managing childbirth in traditioinal societies ?
Ans. The ways of managing childbirth in traditional societies are many and varied. Their usefulness stems directly from the fact that they are accepted culturally and collectively so that the mother does not have the psychic burden of reinventing the procedures. Even though the possible disasters are highly alive in the memory of her community and the index of anxiety high, a ritual approach to pregnancy which hems the pregnant woman about with culturally forbidden activities helps make the anxiety manageable.

Q.2. Describle the western interpretation of a bride's longing for a child in a traditional society ?
Ans. In many traditional society the relationship between the mother and child is more important than the relationship between husband and wife In some cases indeed, The child's relationship with the rest of his family is important or even more important than any other.

Q.3. How do languages come in the way of a better understanding of the woman's problems ?
Ans. One of the greatest difficulties in the way of feminists, who are not related to an aggressive belief that their own country or culture is better want to learn from women who still live within a famale society. It is the tendency of those women to withdraw into silent opposition, When participating international fora conducted in languages which they cannot speak with fluency.

Q.4. Describe the rewards of pregnancy as experienced by Sylheti woman ?
Ans. Among the rewards of pregnancy to sylheti woman is that the woman gets to go home to visit her mother and sister. She goes to her mother's house for the last few months of her pregnancy and stays there about three months of the baby's life. There she gets a lot of love and care. She is asked, "What would you like to eat ? What do your fancy ? " All the time she is looked after by the whole of the family. The whole matter of pregnancy is one of celebration.

Q.5. What is the truism of anthropologie; That the write talks about ?
Ans. It is the truism of Anthropology that such woman do not become members of their new family until they have borne a child, If we consider that in such societies the marriage was quite like to have been arranged, it is understandable that the bride too longs for the child who will stand in the same intimate relationship to her as she with her own mother.

Q.6. What are the problems of a modern woman in matters of pregnancy and childbirth ?
Ans. The problems of a modern pregnant woman and the child birth is not only related with the labour pain she suffers with but the way the labouring woman being ignored is pitiable. The nurses instead of taking care of the pregnant, engage themselves with technologically sophiscated modern equipments and the patient is ignored, so far. As such birth becomes very far from normal and it is conducted with the help of modern equipments very far from normal and it is conducted with the help of modern equipments meant for conducting delivery and the woman has to await delivery.


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