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Monday, 2 July 2018

Your resolution for the year 2012

* your resolution for the year 2012

My resolution for the year 2012 is to build my motherland strong in all respects. India,being a vast country with huge population is facing with many problems. life is too short and to achieve the mission of serving the country requires vigourous efforts in this direction. I would devote my full energy and time to fulfil my objective. india needs mentally alert and able young men and women for the prosperity and progress of the nation.

                                                                                                                               The present education system of India was introduced by the british rulers to serve their own ends. it is not suited to the need of our democratic country.,Urgent reforms are needed.
                                                                                                                Our country is passing through a number of problams relating to Social. religious, economical and political matters.India is a very vast country. Our society is divided into a number of castes and sub-castes. Different languages are spoken in different part of the country. It is the land of languages are spoken in different part of the country. It is the land of people following different religion. Extremism, Violence, communal tension etc. are the major problems, our country is facing with. Women torture and suppression in the shape of unequal justice. Dowry system and other evil practices are at large. They have become the day to day affairs. Unemployment, mass illetracy, injustice to agricultural and industrial labours, farmers suicides, price rise and many other evils have engulfed the whole nation. It is most shameful and unfortunate as well.
                                    It is my firm determination to fight out all these evils. I have to work in the direction of national integration. National integration means to unite different people of the nation into single whole, Which india facing today. My mission for my dreams. I would not leave any stone unturned to achieve my aforesaid mission and I hope to be siccessful in my mission.

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