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Saturday, 28 July 2018

The game you like most

Of all the games, I like tennis best. Tennis is the king of games, and all the well-to-do and fashionable people like to play it. It is a favourite game of the cultured and the refined.

I have my reasons for liking tennis more than any other game. First of all tennis is not so violent as hockey or football is. It is  physically  impossible for a weak man like me to bear the heavy strin of either hockey or football. Only those who are exceptionally strong can the strain of hockey or football.
   I like tennis is more or less personal. I confess my weakness; I am fond of playing tennis. I take a pride in playing this game. I feel it is superior to all the other games. Moreover, I derive more pleasure and satisfaction by playing tennis than from any other game. A light game as tennis relaxes your body, Fill you with joy and satisfaction, and gives you enough exercise for the upkeep of bodily health. 

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