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Thursday, 5 July 2018

The book you like most essay

                                             The book you like most

                                      ↳ I  have several time read -" Bhagwat Gita" and I liked it too much. It is the most prominant book, illustrating theirin the aim of life which relates to our "Karma" (deeds).
                         It is a holy bok and Hindus place high regards to it. It is said that Lord Krishna had narrated to Arjuna the duties of a man when the battle of mahabharat was fought at Kurukshetra. Arjun was not ready to fight against his own friends and relatives. At this in the battlefield Lord Krishna made a grand spech, convincing him the need to fight. He encouraged him by saying that it is necessary to fight against evils and inustice.
 The battle took place between pandawas and Kauravas. Lord krishna helped pandawas because they were justified and were the victin of undue torture by kauravas. Krishna guided them by driving the chariot of Arjuna.

                                             Bhagwat Gita is a valuable treasure and provides us the secret of success in life. It is not only a book to entertain but to guide us in the problems of our life. it also deals eith the imortality of our soul.
                                        Every Hindu worship the book eith great respect. It has been translated and published in many lauguages of the world.
       I like to read it again and again,because it inspires me everytime and save me from doing wrong. Every Indian should read and follow its teachings. 

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