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Monday, 2 July 2018

India losing all test cricket matches in australia


 cricket is an interuationally recognised game. it is a great game,a gentleman's games. it must be encouraged and promoted in every possible is also an important instrument for the establishment of world peace.
                             Teams from the corners of the world visit the countries where the matches are played and thay often come with large contingent of attendants and cricket fans. Such exchange of visits brings the nations closer together. this promotes understandings and fellow fealings better understanding and knowledge, results in more harmonious relation among the nations of the world.

                                                                                                                                               In, india, cricket is very popular game. Though Hockey is our national game. still cricket is most favourite game of the people in our country. All other games such as tennis,table tennis, Badmintor etc are far less popular in comparison to cricket.
                                                   There are three types of cricket played internationally and these formats of cricket are;- (i) test match (ii) one day international and (iii) Twenty-20(twenty overs each inning cricket). of all three types of cricket played, this game (cricket) was introduced with the begining of test matches. It is recognised as a gentleman's game. Indian cricket team is a very balanced and strong team, in respect of batting, bowling and fielding as well balanced and strong team, in respect of batting, bowling and fielding as well. it has got a very fine record while playing with all the teams in the world. The performance of our team is undoubtedly excellent.
                                                                                                               In spite of such extraordinary achievement unfortunately our test team lost all the test matches played in Australia in the last season. Indian audience became desperated with this shocking defeat in the hands of mighty Australian test cricket team. As already explained, Indian test cricket team consists of outstanding batsman. bowlers and fielders and has got the capacity to establish its supremacy any other team of the world. But, still we lost all the matches of the test series in Australia played few months back.

                                                                                                                                                 Now, it is the hightime for India test cricket team to act seriously in getting out of their shortcomings, so that such humiliating situation should not occur in future. Then only we can get over such humiliating and shameful defeat and regain the lost reputation. (as well)

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