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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Growing Indiscipline among youths

   Growing Indiscipline among youths essay
The youths are the future hope of the nation. Growing indicipling among youths has become a burning problen of our society and the nation .

                                                               The prosperity, Well-being and progress of a country mainly depend on "The Youth Force". But unfortunately the tendency of indiscpline among them has very much developed. It has become a burning problem of our society and the nation. There are certain reasons behind the growing indiscipline in their acting and behaviour. Our present behind the growing indiscipline in their action and behaviour. Our present day education system, which is complerely based on western pattern of education, has demolished our traditional structure of eduation system based on Guru-Shishya relationship. Our youths have forgotten to pay respect to their elders. Youths are dissatisfied with the syllabus, Which does not provide them the job-oriented education. This, also makes them unhappy and as such they behave in an indisciplined way. In society, they find others behaving their elders in an indisciplined way. Political leaders are also responsible in making them unruly, using them for their own selfish ends.

                                                                                                                  Such indisciplined behaviour and the causes behind it, may be removed if they are given moral teaching which would develop in them tolerance, pay respect to elders, to judge the thing in right direction and clear vision to solve their problems. We should always remember this fact that youths are the back-bone of the society and the nation.

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