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Saturday, 7 July 2018

earthquake essay

Earhquake essay

An earthquake is a natural calamity. It is caused by the eruption of some volcano. The earth is shaken violently, cracks appear in thr surface of the earth and houses are completely destroyed to the ground . Thus, there is much loss of  life and property. The violence. In places which are near, the earthquake is violent and destructive. 

                            The earthquake is a terrible calamity, but there is no protection against it. Flods can be prevented, if certain measures are taken in advance, but there are no such measures to prevent an earthquake, because it has not become possible to forecast relating to it, in advance. None can escape the revages caused by it. How destructive an earthquake can be, we may judge from the havoc caused by the earthquake in 1934 and 1988 in northern Bihar and Nepal. thousand perished and jakhs were rendered homeless. The only way to reduce the havoc and calamities can be, to take necessary measures promptly and immediately after it occurs. It would also be helpful, if certain anti-earthquake steps are being taken much in advance, mass awareness is highly required to face the destruction to be caused by an earthquake. 

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