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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Terrorism essay


Terrorism is a sort of threat.It is a way to inforce its law and principle over. ahead the world. It affects economic, social psychological and political lives. It happens due to injustice, poverty and bossiam.

Life is insccure in the world of today. Every where terrorist activity is at work. Not only our country but also powerful countries like U.S.A.,Russia,U.k.,Spain,Gulf countries and other are in the grip of terrorism.

terrorism is created by the arms race. Sophisticated arms are being supplied to the people who want to imply in their principle the world. On the point of arms they incline the world to measure their power.

Now terrorist are most powerful. They are out of control. they disturb the world. they have creatted havoac. Afganitans and Iraq are its burning example.

In our country naxalities Mcc,Hixbul and Boro disturb the government their demands.

In short, effort is going on till now to eliminate terrorism from our country.

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