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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Indian Civilization and Culture Long Question and Answer

Q.1. 'I Believe that the civilization, india has evolved is not to be beaten in the world.'What does Gandhi mean by this statement ? Do you subscribe to his views ?

Ans. Gandhi Means to say that the Indian civilization is peerless. The seed sown by our ancestors can not be equalled. The Indian civilization has seen the doom of civilization like the ancient Roman and Greek. japan, now has become westernized. It means that India is the only ancient civilization which remains in her stupendous magnificance, Indain civilization is the only civilization in whole world which has not lost its glory or is not westernized. When we go somewhere else we only hear about the civilization which once existed there but when it comes to India, We can proudly say that ancient India is still living. Yes, definitely i subscribe. To his view and I am proud to be a part of this culture and civilisation.

Q.2. We notice that the mind is a restless bird, the more it gets, the more it wants, and still remains unsatisfied'. pick out other metaphors used in this lesson. How do these metaphors help Gandhiji in persuading the readers ?

Ans. Some of the metaphors from the given lesson are: 'So understanding and believing. it behaves every lover of india to cling with old Indian civilization even as a child clings to the mother's breast','it may be that my reading is wrong, but i know that for india to run after the Golden fleece is to court certain death'. The metaphors helped Gandhiji in persuading readers as they make the language more attrective and simpler. they also clearify the significance of the topic. The comparison between two terms make the basic concept clear and makes the speech ardent.

Q.3. A man is not neccssarily happy because he is rich or unhappy because he is poor ? The rich are often seen to be unhappy the poor to be happy; What according to gandhi, holds key to real happiness? How does Gandhi define 'happiness' ?

Ans. According to gandhi, the key to real happiness lies in satisfaction. If we indulge in our passions, our desire gradually increase and even if fulfilled, there is a new craving which does not allow us to be happy and content. The rich people having luxurious desire for yet more comforts and often poor people not taking interest in luxuries and comfort bridles his passions and thus keeps himself content, satisfied and happy. so' the key real happiness lies in restriction of desires of our giddy mind and usage of hand and feet. gandhi defines happiness as largely mental condition. Happiness is a stressless joyful condition of mind.  

Q.4. Why did our ancestors Feel satisfied with small villages ? Did they do the right thing ? Will it be wise today to follow our ancestors in this connection ? Give your own views.  
Ans. Our ancestors felt satisfied in small villages because they knew that large cities were a trap and a useless burden and that people whould not be happy in them, That there would be gangs of thieves robbers and prostitution, and vice flourishing in them and that poor men would be robbed by rich men. Yes, they obviously did the right thing to protect our ancient civilization. Yes, it would be wise to follow our ancestors because we need to save our civilization. We should not run after trigling luxuries but we should follow the routes of our ancestors who found about the soul, the spirit and the religion. The west cannot give us real happiness because real happiness is not materialism but satisfaction.  

Q.5. Discuss the negative features of western civilization ?

Ans. The negative features of western civilization are : This civilization is the worship of material, the worship of brute in us. it is complete materialism. Secondly, the most distinguishing feature of this civilization is an indefinite multiplicity of human wants. This civilization tends to propagates immorality and promotes disspative people. This civilization instigates us to become slaves of luxuries and comforts. It has the ideal of creating an unlimited number of wants and satisfying them which is a delusion and a snare. 
Q.6. What is the essential difference between the Indian civilization and Western civilization ? How is our civilization superior to the Western civilization ?
Ans . The essential difference between the Indian civilization and the Western civilization is that west promotes an indefinite multiplicity of human wants whereas Indian civilization keeps a strict command on our desires. Also Western civilization is complete materialism but Indian civilization depends on the worship as our civilization is superior to that of Western as our civilization elevates moral being and Western civilization promotes disspatives. Western civilization has made wonderful discoveries in things of materials but they hold no rank amongst the great and marvellous discoveries which our civilization has made of the spiritual and religious things.  

Q.7. 'A certain degree of physical harmony and comfort is necessary but above a certain level, It becomes a hindrance instead of help'. Elaborate.
  ANS. It is true that physical peace and comfort is compulsory for our body to remain healthy. Our body also needs rest and peace, but only upto a limit, To an extent. When we give our body more luxury and comfort than what it needs, it becomes habituated of it and asks for even more. This thing multiplies our desire for more luxurious things. This multiplicity is a snare, trap which turm our service of humanity. Instead of giving us energy and strength, the excess comforts disturb our mind.

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