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Friday, 8 June 2018

Indian civilization and culture ka short question

Indian civilization and culture ka short question and answer

Q.1. How is indian civilization different from european civilization.
 Ans. There is a basic difference between the indian civilization and Europeon civilization. The tendency of indian civilization is to elevate the moral being whereas the western civilization is to elevate the moral being whereas the western civilization propogates immorality.

Q.2. Why does Gandhi say that "mind is a restless bird ?" What makes the mind restless ? 
Ans.  "mind is a restless bird", because the more it gets the more it wants, and still remains unsatisfied. Our needs are unending. The more we indulge in our passions, the more unbridled they become.

Q.3. Why did our ancestors dissuade us from luxuries and pleasures ? Did they do the right thing ?
 Ans. Our ancestors observed that a man is not necessarily happy because he is rich or a man who is poor is unhappy. The rich are often seen to be unhappy and the poor to be happy. Observing all this our ancestors dissuaded us from lixuries and pleasures. They were perfectly right in their observance and action.

Q.4. Why according to Gandhi, Have we stuck with the same kind of plough as existed thousands of years ago ? Should we do the same thing even today.
Ans.  According to Gandhiji we have managed with the same kind of plough as existed thousands of years ago. It was not that we did not know how to invent machinery, But our forefathers Knew that if we set our hearts after auch things, We would becomes slave. No, we cannot follow today the same kind of plough, We shall lag behind. Moreover now the population has gone very high.

Q.5. How did our ancestors view large cities ? Why were they satisfied with shall villages ?
Ans.  Our ancestors saw that happiness was largely a mental condition. They further reasoned that people would not be happy in large cities and there would be gangs of thieves and robbers, prostitutes and wrong doers (evil persons). That is why they were satisfied with small villages.

Q.6. How did our ancestors enjoy true "Home Rule" ?
Ans.  Our ancestors saw that kings "all powerful" were inferior to the Rishis and Fakirs. The nation had courts, Lawyers and doctors, but were all within bounds. Vakils and vaids did not rob people. They were considered people's dependents not their masters. The ordinary rule was to avoid courts, though justice was fair. There were no touts to tempt and misguide people. The evil too was noticable only in and around capitals. The common people livied independently and followed their agricultural occupation. Thus they enjoyed true " Home Rule".

Q.8. What, according to the author is modern civilization ?
 Ans. The modern civilization to the worship of the material according to the author. It is also the worship of brute in us. It is unadulterated materialism. It has no existence if it does not think at every step of the triumph of material civilization. As such the author has advised us to keep away from it at all costs.

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