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Monday, 4 June 2018


co-eduction essay
- In this modern world segregation of girls and women in any walk of life sounds not only ridiculous but also an outdated proposition. However, our fantasizing about the opposite sex is unhealthy. If boys and girls are to have a healthy relationship,they have to be exposed to one another from a tender age. Mixing up with the opposite sex makes one liberated and the chances of developing wrong notions are less. Some consider that boys and girls are basically different in nature. In a non-co-educational school, this division is further developed. However,there is a definite disadvantage of non-exposure to the opposite sex which can at times lead to complications later in life. The students of non-co-educational background have greater chances of developing misconceptions and wrong attitides towards girls.

                                                                     The sense of competition is more in a co-education atmosphere. Naturally, The young people, try to impress the members of the opposite sex. On the other hand , In a non cored school, the opposite sex is always an engima. Conservative thinking leads to false fears. Repression generally brings out the worst in individuals.
                                                              Only a healthy understanding of the other sex and the scientific outlook can shape the child's value as a social being. This can be possible only in co-educational atmosphere.

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