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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Write a letter to your younger brother

         Write a letter to your younger brother to read newspapers daily.

Write a letter to your younger brother to read newspapers daily.
-                                                                              Samstipur
                                                                             17 March,2018
      Dear Ashutosh,
                                           Thank you very much for your nice letter. I am glad you are getting on so well at school. But I am sorry to know that you do not read newspapers at all.
                                                                        Ashutosh, the world is fast changing. What happens in one part of the world has its effect on the other part. So, it is very necessary to be well informed of the world events. You will learn many things about history, Geography, language and General Knowledge through newspapers. Besides, you are interested in games and sports too. A good newspaper gives sports news as well. So, a newspaper is a cheap source of information and entertainment. Please do start reading the newspapers from today itself. 
                                                            Please write soon and let me know which newspapers you have started reading. With best wishes.
                                                                          Your loving brother,

                                                                               Manoj Kumar 
Address :
  Mr, Ashutosh 
  Bhikhna pahari

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