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Friday, 25 May 2018

Work is worship

Work is worship

 Worship makes us pious and noble. Work also makes us hard working. It helps us build our character. We can form good habits through our practice of  labour and punctuality. If we dedicate to our work, We not only benefit ourselves but the whole community. We also get some kind of joy. An idle man may be rich but he is not really happy as he knows he has to live on the work of others. An idle man never feels independent but the worker, Who earns his living by labour can keep his head up in self respect. Thus it is clear that the best form of worship is doing one's duty honestly and sincerely. The best service to god is to make. 'His' world a better place to live in . And it is possible only if all men perform their allotted work honestly. Work gives dignity to life. Life without work is like a body without soul. So it has rightly been said that "Work is worship".

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