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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Value Of Education

Value Of Education
- This world is a world of science and technology. A man meets his requirements if he values wducation. Education is the Mother of knowledge. 
                                   Everyman in the world has an aim in his life The aim can be achieved of the values education properly. A Country can progress with the mental growth of its people. Mental and physical fitness depend on the value of education. If a man fails to value education, he fails over all and he can do nothing in future.
                         In this present era of computer education we find that foreign countries are in better position. They value the required education.

                        In our vountry we have many engineers produced by I.I.Ts. They are competent enough to make any change as per the requirement. They are up-to-date in the field of science and technology. They are honoured even in foreign countries as they valued education. All the research, inventions of long range weapons, aeroplanes and fighter planes are the products of education.
                                   A progressing man a life-long lrarner of education. All the developments are the out-come of education. Progressed countries like America, England, Russia etc are the creation of education. If we value education we can understand the problems to come in future. If we successfully understand a problem we can solve it as per our requirement.
                                                Thus, we all are expected to value education. It is the demand of the time.  


  1. The value of education is very high in the success countries they require a good education for the job in a company or also they ask QandA about your education. That is why the value of education is much important !!

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