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Sunday, 13 May 2018

The value of Discipline or, Discipline

The value of Discipline or, discipline
- " discipline regulates our actions and life". 
Discipline is the crux of life. Its nature leads a low abiding life, we the human being,must work for a system that many urge us to a disciplined life. for this we need regularity, punctuality and proper mental set up because it is the discipline which guarantees progress prosperity and success. Discipline is the key to all progress and promotion. In our society , it is essential on our part to live a regulated life so that others may lead a good and harmonious life. 

we should keep in mind the motto of "Live and let live". indiscipline endangers our survival and the guters of the nation will be full of dead bodies and blood. Everyone will be killing or hitting the other. There will be completely disorder and anarchy in the society. The progress and project of nation would come to a stand still. Life will not run smoothly and people will "resort to jungle rule, Might is right". This will put our civilization in a great mess.
                                                                                               Discipline has great significance in our life. So we should adopt it naturally from the very beginning so that we many choose and develop a way to lead a disciplined life. The school, collages and other institutions should inpart such type of education sould import to the students so that they  may  lead a disciplined and regulated life. The school is the best stage where the teachers mould the lives of the students to dive it a proper shape. In the schools we find a great stress on punctuality and regularity. Japan is an outstanding example for us to follow. We should lead a life of inner and other discipline. Our country needs man of disciplined nature. Without discipline, We are bound to lose in every way. Let us endeavour our best to reman disciplined throughout our life. 

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