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Sunday, 27 May 2018

The use of electricity


The use of electricity essay

Electricity means supply of electric current. Electricity makes our machines move. As we know, this is an industrial age. The use of big and heavy machines has increased production of good manifold. But such machines work economically only with the help of electricity. It is used even in small scale and cottage industries. The use of such small machines in our villages has helped in improving the condition of the villagers. Thus electric power is helping in the growth of industries. Thousands and thousands of newspapers magazines and book are published daily. Every one can today find a book to his choice and suitable standerd. The printing of such large number of books and periodicats has been made possible by the invention of electric printing press. The electric power has not only brought light to our homes. But to our heads also. Many house appliances are made to use by electricity.

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