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Sunday, 13 May 2018

The post office

The post office
- Introduction : Post office is the main source (important means) of sending our messages, parcels and other articles to other persons and different places anywhere in the world. It is also very cheap medium of communication.
History : post office is made of two words post and office. (a) post means (i) to travel with speed (ii) to post letters in some office, to send it to certain places. (b) office means-place of business. As such post office is a place to arrange the delivery of letters and other articles to different places any where in the world. We may deposit our money also, in different schemes of the postal savings Bank account.

In ancient time there was no such arrangement. The system of postal communication was not introduced. But in couse of time man has found out this system. Centuries back it was started with the help of horse-driven coaches and carriages. Man were also engaged to deliver letters door-to-doors. They were called" post man". In present-time, The same system with extra ordinary imporoved system is seriving the people by means of trains, air mail and internets, etc. Even today the postman delivers letter by moving door-to-door.
                              The post-office is backbone to a nation. It has brought a new revolution in the field of postal sevice by its services to each and every corner. In true sense it is our real friend, We cannot think of the day without its assistance. 

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