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Saturday, 19 May 2018

my favourite film actor

my favourite film actor

my favourite film actor
My favourite film actor is Dilip Kumar. his acting has impressed me much. He acts in such a way that we feel as if we are moving in the world of reality and watching a real incident of life. His dialogues make us to realise the reality of life.

                                                                     dilip kumar is called "tragedy king'. he has performed the role of tragedy in his films in a most natural way. his films have established landmarks in the Long journey of indian screen. some of his memorable or remarkable films are, "devdas' , "naya Daur" , "Ganga jamuna" , "Mughal-ae-Azam" , "Sangharsha" and many other. Many of them were being awarded for his superb acting (performance), story and other significance of those films. 
                                       Dilip Kumar is all time great actor with his unparellel acting. As such I am his fan. He is the most favourite actor, the Indian film industry has ever produced.

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