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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

My Family or, An ideal Family

My Family or, An ideal Family
An ideal family maintains cordial and friendly relation with their neighbours and those persons who come in their contact.

                                                                                          My family consists of nine persons, myself, my wife, two sons, their wives and three grandsons. It is an ideal and well planned family. All of the family members are co-operative, meak and gentle. I feel proud of them. My grandsons are obedient, well mannered and smart. They take keen interest  in their studies. In their pastime they participate in games like cricket football etc. Though sometimes they indulge in some qurrel among themselves but it is only for a while. It is but fact that all the children are usually free from cares and fears.
                               Everybody in my family possesses keen sense of discharging his duties and responsiblities. They never have any differences or disputes among themselves. If any time some misunderstanding arises among them, my wife pacify and settle it peacefully. We maintain most co-operative and friendly relationship with our labours and all other persons who come in our contact. 
                 on the whole my family is the best example of an ideal unit of the society. 

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