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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Kindness to animals

Kindness to animals

 God created men and animals in the world. He wanted them to live in peace and happiness. But men have always been selfish. They started killing animals for food, skin and bones. They do not care that Animal's life forms an indistinguishable part of human life. Animals render inexplicable service to man. But we are so callous towards them that we don't bother for their welfare. Now, How can we know out kindness to them ? Animals may be hungry and thirsty. We must give them food and water. We must take care of domestic animals on cold nights. During the rains we leave the animals under the open sky. It is inhumain. we must provide a shade or roof to save them from rain only our animals do all kinds of services to us. we must support those who work for us and in no case we should try to harm them. God has created them as he has created us. Our heart must be filled with love and kindness for them.

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