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Monday, 7 May 2018

India In The Space Age

India In The Space Age
- This is the age of science. It has changed our whole life. it discovers the secret of nature. The distance of time and space has reduced to a larger extent. The science has turned the modern age into the age of space. Indian science has also developed to a great extent. Now India is also in the space age.
                                                               space research in India has revolutionised the natural resources management. It has also done a lot in field like food storage and open heart surgery. The Indian space programme (Indian national Satellite (INSAT system) has given an input to telecommunications, Weather forecasting and television expansion.

                                              India is striding towards the international levels of research. The work on the designing of spy plane is being carried out at present. In april 1999, INSAT-2E was launched s successfully from our own land. A resolution radiometer in the satellite has become operational.
                                                                        On may 26, 1999, The Indian Remote sensing Satellite (IRS-P4) was launched successfully by the polar satellite launch vehicle ( Pslv). Ocean Sat-1, as it is called is dedicated to ocean studies. Two satellites a German and a korean were also launched with 1RS-P4 which demonstrated the achievements of indian space technologists.  

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