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Monday, 14 May 2018

Diary - Writing

Diary - Writing
- Introduction ; Diary writing is really most fair and fine practice and a good hobby as well. Diary is the personal account of our day-to-day life and an important record.
 Purpose and Utility ;  Diary means to note down our day to day activities there are different ways and various forms of maintaining diary. To record our daily activities is truely reflected in our personal diary. It also reveals our shortcomings along with the contributions to our family and the society.

importance of diary writing ; All the great men like mahatma Gandhi, pandit Jawahar Lal nehru etc had maintained their diary of day to day account. Their diaries helped them in comiling their autobiography.
Different forms of diaries ;  people maintaing dairies have different purposes and objectives as well as different forms and processes behind it. Some of them Write down their daily account of expenditure and income, while some others for their work and engagements to be materialised in different dates in future. But the real spirit and objective of writing diaries is just to record the details in short of our day to day activities.
Conclusion ; On the whole, dairy is the mirror of one,s life, showing their-their-in all one,s right and wrong acts. Thus it is the true decription of which we perform in our day-to-day life.

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