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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Corruption In India

Corruption In India
- Corruption means. adopting of wrong and unlawful practices to gain something. It causes a great dislocation and agonies in humari life.
      Corruption has become a way of life in India. It has entrenched itself deeply in the social, Political, economic and religious life of the nation. To be true. Right from the prime minister down to the ordinary clerk in the office, no one is free from the suspicion of being a corrupt person.
                                                     Criminalisation of social and political life has only sanctified corruption in every walk of life. Rajiv gandhi's goverment was badly defmes because of "befors" deal. narasinmha rao had been implicated in a number of cases by the CBI. It seems corruption has percolated from the top to the bottom. In India a parellel economy of "black-money" operates are controlled and regulated by the dones of the underworld.

                                                                                             Simple living and high thinking used to be the ideals of our leaders during the struggle for independence. But now the priorities have changed. These days scams and scandals dominate their political and social lives. Mammon (kubera), the god of wealth has corrupted their minds and morals. Top posts and jobs can be bought. The members of the state legislatures and the parliament are vulnerble to corrupt practices and bribery. Even the security of the nation has been compromised by the self-serving politicians and their agents and power-brokers. The need of the hour is an inspiring leadership equipped with a firm political will to fight and root out the growing cancer of corruption.  

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