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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Computers or, Computers in Everyday Life

Computers or, Computers in Everyday Life

-   We are in 21st century and it is the era of computers. In every step of our life computer works and makes the work easy and fast. Every step of life, whether it is the matter of entertainment, computer makes a mojor role in these days. Computers makes us developed in every sides. It gives us education by many a cassetes. computer gives us internet facility by which we find that where the study is best and whwre we have to apply for." It gives us full information. Every country is based on his economy system. In economy, system computer has a great side. It works more fast than hundred workers so it saves the money of the country. so computer works as a saver of Indian economy. Computer is useful in every walk of life, if we want to give our biodata then we need computer. So, computer is required in every walk of life.

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