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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

An indian fair

An indian fair essay

 India is a land of fairs and festivals. There is hardly a month when there are no fairs and festivals. This shows that there was a time when India was fabulously rich. The people were happy and prosperous. They enjoyed life. A fair is an important event in the life of the villagers. It breaks the monotony of their life. They it most heartily.
                I happened to visit the sonepur fair last year. It is held every year in village sonepur on the bank of river Gandak. It was attended by thousands of village from far and near. The children were happy beyond description. Good hummour prevailed everywhere. There was great hustle and bustle. There were centres of animals like horses, elephants, cows and Oxen in the fair shrill. The fair was a medley of sounds and sights. The beat of drums, shrill notes of pipes and improvised flutes, peals of bells and cart, calls of lusty youth and ear-rending shouts of vendors, shopkeepers and pedlars all cobined had produced strange babel. I enjoyed too and returned home happy and delighted late in evening.

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