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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

A Village fair

A Village fair

- most of the villages are far from town. So, a village-fair serves the needs of villagers. A village fair is almost like a periodical  market. It is generally held in a big spacious place outside a village. A central site is chosen so that other neighbouring village may not be very far from it. Stalls which are temporarily erected are arranged in rows. Shopkeepers from towns and villages hire these stalls. They bring various kinds of things for display and sale. Vast crowds gather to see and buy things. The cinema, circus and magic shows at village fairs entertain  the crowd. A village fair is a place where villagers meet their friend and erlatives. The village fair lasts for about a week. It provides a lot of fun and amusement to the villagers whose lives are usually dull. Large crowds of men, women and children in thier best clothes may be seen moving to and fro. The children are the happiest creatures in the village fair. They crowd round the shops of sweets and toys. They buy balloons and flutes. they look wistfully at the merry-go-round for their turn. There is a lot of noise in the village fair. The loud beating of drums and the hoarse cries of hawkers fill the atmosphere with excitement. But who minds the defeaning noise ? Every one is making merry. 

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