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Saturday, 12 May 2018

A picnic Party or, A Picnic Trip

A picnic Party or, A Picnic Trip  
- A picnic is an outing during which a meal is taken out of doors. It is very charming. It brings a change in our dull and mechanical life. It is pleasant to take part in a picnic. Our life is full of cares and anxieties. When we join a picnic, We forget our cares for some time. When we are fed up with the monotony of our everyday life. We organize a picnic. The purpose of a picnic is morry-making, so a programme of music is an essential feature of a picnic. 
                People collect the necessary things on the fixed day and go out for the picnic. They take all the necessary things with themselves. When they reach the picnic spot they start cooking their food. some members of the party gather fuel and make a fire, some prepare vegetables, some bring water. When the food is ready, they sit on the ground and do full justice to the dishes. A picnic gives great pleasure. It makes us forget our sorrows and anxietes, so  picnic party is very plesant. The pic nic party was very delightful. I wish I would enjoy such a picnic party again.   

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