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Thursday, 17 May 2018

A memorable day in your life

A memorable day in your life  
A memorable day in your life essay

- I had the happiest day of my life in 2008. It was the month of january. My annual Examination was over. I secured the highest marks in the school. So, the headmaster decided to give me the first prize.
       The prize- distribution ceremony was arranged. The school was decorated. All the rooms were cleaned. The playground was also given a new look. Our headmaster was busy, supervising the arrangements. The chief guest was prof. D.thakur, D P I, Bihar . He came at right time.

                          The function started. A large number of people were invited. There were students and their guardians, too. My parents were also there prof. Thakur presided over the function. Our headmaster spoke a few words to welcome the guests and other people. hen the prize-giving ceremony started.
                                                                   I was the first to be called for the prize. He introduced me to the chief guest. He gave me the prize. He congratulated me. He wished me all success in life. I received five books as prize. My name was writtern on those books. Everybody clapped when i went up to the dias to receive the prize. My heart was filled with great joy.
                                                  Prof thakur delivered hs presidential address. He advised us to work very hard for success in life. I returned home happily. The prize- distribution day will ever remain fresh in my memory. Everybody in the house was happy. My parents congratulated me again and again. I slept peacefully. At night. 

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