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Saturday, 12 May 2018

A Book Fair

      A book fair

- Book are the treasure house of knowledge. Books are our real companions. A book has a great power to shape our life. Good books prove useful and provide guidance. Book enable us to cultivate our mind and they broaden our outlook. Reading also provides an intellectual feast of knowledge and satisfies our hunger. Books cover innumerable subjects and reading them is always a pleasure. 
              A visit to a bookfair provides us a unique opportunity of having books relating to almost all spheres of life under one roof. One is almost lost in the fair . Books provide food for thought and are a store house of knowlege and fair. Books provide food for thought and are a store house of knowledge and wisdom. Hence, a bookfair should never be missed.

      Recently, i visited a bookfair in pana Gandhi maidan. Bookfair held in Gandhi maidan was a very big book fair. Books written by many eminent writers were being sold there. The fair lasted for about a fortnight.
                                                   Students from all over Bihar used to visit the book fair and purchased books on different subjects. Boys, girls men, Women and children in large number used to visit the fair and purchased book on different subject and clases. It was a very grand fair. Our chef misister sri Nitish Kumar inaugurated the fair. I also visited the fair trrice.  

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