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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Your (my) aim in life

Your (MY) Aim in Life
A man without aim in life cannot be treated as himan being. His life is just like a bike without break. He cannot attain success in life. Every man must have some definite aim in life. But all our desires cannot be fulfilled in life. There are many problems in life, too.But a man should not be disappointed. He should try hard to succeed. He must have hope and confidence.
                              I do not know what will happen to me. but I want to become an engineer.This is the aim of my life.I want to serve the nation by becoming an engineer. We knoe that india is free. We have many plants and projects for the development of the country.

        India is rich in natural resources. But we do not use them properly. It is because we have no trained hand in adequate numbers. our country needs more and more well-trained engineers and technicians. i shall try to do whatever a tittle bit i can do for the country.
              The main aim of my life is to serve the country in the best possible way. I shall be a science graduate in a few years. Before that i shall try to obtain admission in an engineering college. india needs mechanical engineers more. So,i want to specialize in that branch.
                     I like to go abroad for higher studies. I want to go either to the USA or to Russia. I shall enrich my knowledge there. When i return, i shall try for a job in some factory. Of course. I shall earn money and live a decent life. At the same time, i shall be serving my motherland too.  

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