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Friday, 27 April 2018

Your Hobby

Your Hobby
every man has some hobby or the other. A hobby means an object of personal interest apart from one's daily life of routine. We do not cultivate a hobby for profit.
                                      It is necessary for us to have some hobbies of our own. We are not machines. We cannot always go on working for profit. There is the proverb." All work and no play makes jack a dull boy'. If we go on working all the time, Our life will become dull. All of us want to get out of such a dull life. In fact there is time to work, and there is also time to relax. We need some hobby to remove dullness and to create interest in life.
                                                  There ere  different kinds of hobbies. The important among them are gardening, fishing,reading book, photography or painting,music,collecting stamps and others. Of all these popular hobbies, I like stamo-collecting most. I like to collect stamps scientifically. I started this collection first when i was about ten.

                                                  Now, I purchae stamps of different countries from time to time. my collection is not costly. I have little resources. Stamp-collecting is of great value. Stamps have a historical importance. Stamps also give geographical information. postal stamps give us information about many things.
                                                                I like stamp-collecting because it is of great interest. the collection of new stamps give me the joy of a discovery. By pursuing this hobby, I like to make friends all over the world.

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