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Friday, 27 April 2018

Your Favourite Leader or, The Leader You Like Most

Your favourite  or,
The Leader You Like Most
There are many leaders in the history of our country. But i like Mahatma Gandhi most. He is called the 'Father of the Nation'. He was one of the greatest man of the world.

Gandhi was born on 2nd october, 1869 in Gujarat. His father, Kaba Gandhi, was the Dewan of Rajkot. Mahatma Gandhi was a student of average merit. He was very poor in english and geometry. He went to England for a degree in law .He returned to india in 1891. He began his career as a lawyer in Mumbai. He went to south Africa also. He did a lot for the indians there.
                                                    Gandhiji's real political career started in india. He visited Champaran in Bihar. under his leadership, the freedom movement got a new life and direction. Gandhiji was experimenting with truth and non-violence. Gandhiji brought hindus and Muslims close to each oyher. He started his non-co-operation Movement in 1920. In 1942 the famous' Quit india' movement was started. Gandhji did a lot for the welfare of Harijans.
         Gandhiji was the father of 'basic Education'. He felt that English education was not suitable for india. He thought that Basic Education should be job-oriented. india needed that kind of education for its progress.
                                                                  Gandhiji was a true indian. He suffered a lot at the hand of the British authorities. He led the indians to success during the freedom movement. But alas ! Gandhiji was shot dead on 30th january, 1948. Gandhiji died. But gandhism is still alive. We all love and respect him.

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