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Monday, 30 April 2018

write a letter to your friend

write a letter to your friend, talling him the measures your school has taken to preserve ecology in the locality
-                                                                               Aurai

                                                                           30th april 2018
        Dear Shahrukh,
                      I received your letter yesterday. In this letter i want to tell you about the measures our school has taken to preserve ecology. My school is very aware to it.
                 Our Headmaster is very much interested in ecological preservation. He has made us learnt how to provide safety to trees and plants. Our headmaster chalked out a plan and sclected some neighbouring village. We arrange a meeting of the villagers. In the meeting, ecological problems are discussed. A team of students care of cleanliness in the locality. We advise the villagers not to kill birds and others species. We tell them not to burn leaves and other things which release much smoke. A team of students goes place to place and plant trees. We also suggest them to use likes and other vechicles only when necessary. Thus our school has taken some important measure to preserve ecology.
                                                                 Your loving friend,
Address :
Shahrukh khan

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