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Monday, 30 April 2018

Write a letter to your elder brother

Write a letter to your elder brother expressing your impression of hindi film which you have seen recently. 
-                                                     Madhubani
                                               30th april 2018
   My Dear brother,
                    Last sunday, I went to see a movie called 'Shakti'. The hero of the film was Amitabh bachchan. the heroine was smita patil. Dilip kumar also played an important role. The father was a police officer and the son was a smuggler. The film was very interesting. The songs were pleasing. The story of the film was good.
                                                            The film was over after three hours. I liked the film very much. When I sit alone, the sweet memory of the film flashes before my mind's eyes.
                                              Yours sincerely,

     Address :
      Mr. ranjan
      Station Road

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