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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The earth



9.The earth
The Earth
The story"The earth" has been written by H.E.Bates. this story is the life sketch of a farmer Johnson and his son, Benjy. the author has beautifully presented the reality of what happens in most of the families in present-day life. it starts from the family consisting of Mr.johnson, a farmer, his wife, and his only affectionate son Benjy. Benjy appears to be a simple-minded person. the story very well depicts the laziness of the parents. it also throws light on the growing selfishness and cunningness of their simple-minded son, who finally drives them away from their home.

         johnson is a farmer, who has no land of his own. he has obtained about four acre of the plot on lease for cultivation helping him in meeting family's expenditure. Benjy is mentally underdeveloped. his father goes to a doctor for consultation who advises johnson to get his son engaged in some business, preferrably in the poultry business. accordingly, Benjy is engaged in that business. the income out of the sell of hen's egg is deposited in the bank in Benjy's name. when Benjy becomes twenty-one year old his father hands over the amount deposited with the bank to Benjy. by the time Benjy's pass-book showed a balance of Rs two hundred thirty pounds. Benjy purchses some land of Mr. witmore from that money and expands his poultry business on the land purchased. he becomes a rich man of his area within a few years. he marries Florence, working in his poultry farm against his parents' will. then there comes a change in his attitude towards his parents. at first, he directs his parents to shift to a smaller room of the house. after some time he stops a joint kitchen arrangement and leaves his parents isolated. afterward, finally, he flatly directs his parents to shift from his house and to settle themselves somewhere else. not only this, he personally drives them away from their home by his car.
                                                                                    thus the story is a true description of the wrong dealings and behaviors of a son with his parents, that happens at present.

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