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Monday, 9 April 2018

The Artist Summary

6.The artist
the story"the artist" has been written by Shiga Naoya. in this story, the author describes a talented Japanese boy, seibei. this story shows how the adult world often causes damage to such talented youths. seibei was a twelve-year child. he was studying in a primary school even at that age.
The artist summary
                                                     his parents were knowing that he often went out to buy gourds (a large fleshy fruit ) from the market by paying a few sen (Japanese currency). after getting it from the market, he used to make a hole at the top of the gourd and extract the seeds inside, at his house. then he applied tea leaves to remove the umpleasant smell of ground. again he polished the fruit with the few drops of a kind of Japanese licquor.
          seibei had the hobby of moving about the town in search of the gourd in the market. after his class was over, instead of playing with other children, it was his usual task. then ruturning from the market he engaged himself with the gourd.

                                                                                                                                                                                     one day a friend of seibei's was walking along a street, he saw a five inches long gourd hanging with other gourds smaller in size in a fruit stall of an old lady. it was made available on ten sen (a Japanese currency). the bought it. it was the best gourd he had ever bought. from that time he was never seperated from his new gourd. he even took it along to school and used to polish it under his desk in class-time. it was noticed by one of the teachers, who was taking the class of moral education. he became angry. the teacher had come from another part of Japan. he found it quite improper that children should indulge in a pastime of collecting gourd meant for women. he shouted in anger at seibei calling him an idiot. he took away the gourd, telling him that he (seibei) was playing eith his future. the teacher came to his house even. seibei's father was not present. the teacher accused his mother for seibei's hobby. he further told her that it was the duty of the parents that such things did not happen. after directing his mother seibei's teacher went back seibe's mother chided her son. meanwhile, his father returned back from his shop and came to know the whole matter. he scolded his hammer into pieces. seibei left his hobby of collecting gourds forever. from that time on, he had engaged himself in the picture. he, no longer, felt any bitterness either towards the teacher or his father who smashed all his precious gourds in pieces and badly heaten him. by that time his father had began to scold him even for painting pictures. on the whole, the author throws light over the fact that parents and adult world often cause damage to young talents like a talented Japanese boy seibei.

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