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Friday, 13 April 2018

song of my self summary

2. song of myself

The poem " song of myself" has been composed by walt whitman. he was the most individualistic literary figure that america has ever produced. he tells about himself in this poem. the poet enjoys himself and sings for the self. but he is not different from others. he tells himself that every atom of his blood belongs to his soul. he always asumes everything  which isright. he also says that every atom of blood is the same in all human beings. he wanders with his pain which grows when a spike comes and touches the skin. whatever he says, comes from his heart. he says that everyone in thisworld comes one by one. he always keeps feelings or thoughts in mind either good or bad. he is ready for every danger in his life. he accepts that life is not a bed of roses, it is full of difficulties and happiness as well. it is a finest gift given by god. here there are too many people who fight for the religion and the religious festivals. that is not 
 good . everyone should think that there is nothing in life. so always be happy and try to make others happy. 

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